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smiggly Essays - Youth Athletics, Sport, Coach, Edward Drinker Cope

A significant issue is the distinction among youth and expert members of game. The significant objectives of elite athletics are straightforwardly connected to their status in media outlets. The objectives of pro athletics, essentially expressed, are to engage and at last to bring in cash. Monetary achievement is of essential significance and relies intensely upon an item direction, in particular winning. In the pro game world, players are products to be purchased, sold and exchanged. Their worth depends on the amount they add to winning and benefit making. Proficient competitors are regularly celebrated by the media to make a picture expected to produce enthusiasm for the group and to draw paying clients. The expert coach?s work is to win. A success no matter what reasoning is required for progression. Youth sports are played to build up a kid and not to misuse the youngster for cash. The most significant item isn't what number of wins or dollars, but instead, the nature of the experience for the kid. In this sense, sport support is an instructive procedure whereby kids can figure out how to adapt to real factors they will confront further down the road. Albeit winning is looked for after, it is in no way, shape or form the essential objective. The benefit is estimated not in the terms of dollars and pennies, however regarding the abilities and individual qualities that are obtained. Fun, a term we use frequently.

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Comparison of Yellow Wallpaper and Where Are You Going Essay Example

Examination of Yellow Wallpaper and Where Are You Going Essay Example Examination of Yellow Wallpaper and Where Are You Going Essay Examination of Yellow Wallpaper and Where Are You Going Essay Article Topic: The Yellow Wallpaper Sailings character got away through madness while Chopping kicked the bucket of a delight that 245). Elses principle character got away behind the blurred of being a glad housewife, she complied with what life had given her. She additionally discovered her getaway with her new spouse. The moms own necessities to get away, to appreciate the outside world again with her better half (Gloss). Sailings character summarized it est. in when she states, Ive got out finally, said l, regardless of you and Jane (Gillian 419). In their own particular manner, they beat society and the individuals that mistreated them. All the ladies triumphed to some degree in their journey to opportunity, Chopping character passing on of heart issues, Sailings character crawling over her better half and Elses character enduring the raising of her kid in a hard efficient time. Every one of the three stones Involve a safe place of a sort; In Sailings her usual range of familiarity turned into the yellow backdrop, In Chopping It was the room and In Elses It was the Ironing. They could do their speculation while In their zone and nobody could control beneficiary considerations at that point. Sailings character was so interested with the yellow backdrop that she begun fantasizing, seeing things that were not the Comparison of Yellow Wallpaper and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? By anamorphic subterranean insect figures; for the reasons she needed to settle on the choices she did and in Sailings Ironing, the limitations of mistreatment were alive in her contemplations. Elses blurred was being a housewife, she would have rather had different options throughout her life and needed more for her girl as is told by the last statement in the story: In rundown, each of the three ladies had no way out in their lives or they decided not to have a pop and do remain inside society limits of the ladylike job throughout everyday life. The result of every story is distinctive in the manner each managed the battles of abuse, was beneficial to turn my hand over for anything (Gillian 412). Elses story the a Joy that kills(Chopin 245). Elses primary character got away behind the blurred of All three stories include a safe place of a sort; in Sailings her customary range of familiarity turned into the yellow backdrop, in Chopping it was the room and in Elses it was the pressing. They could do their speculation while in their zone and nobody could control

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5 Qualities that Law Schools Want to See

As you write your personal statement, you should keep in mind some of the qualities that law schools value. Be sure to emphasize these in your personal statement through specific actions and examples. Ethics Jokes about lawyers aside, law schools and the legal profession value integrity and honesty above all else. Any type of service that emphasizes academic integrity (like ombudsman) or ethical standards is great to emphasize. It’s also important that everything you describe in your personal statement displays your strong sense of ethics. Intellectual curiosity Law school consists of a lot of information. Therefore, schools value intellectual curiosity and academic ability. Most law schools have at least one writing-intensive class as well as a class focused on trial advocacy. You should be able to show in your personal statement moments when you went above and beyond to learn something new. Interest in law Believe it or not, law schools want applicants who are interested in the law. An important part of law school and legal practice is scholarship – writing and interpreting the law. While it doesn’t matter what your undergraduate major was, law school applicants should have an interest in law from the point of view of history, philosophy, political science, or economics. People skills Lawyers work with people. While the stereotype of the lawyer is someone who is argumentative, in fact, law schools want people who can talk to many different types of people without confrontation. Avoid that old adage in your personal statement: â€Å"My parents said I should be a lawyer because I like to argue.† This kind of perception shows law schools that you haven’t spent enough time learning what the practice of law is all about. Tenacity Try, try again. That’s a lawyer’s motto. Sometimes your side wins, and sometimes it loses. But in all cases, a lawyer has to be willing to pick up and try again. In your personal statement, you should show moments when you have overcome obstacles. While law schools aren’t looking for cookie-cutter applicants, they do want students who show these qualities, which are essential for success in law school and beyond. Remember to show, don’t tell, all of these in your personal statement, and you will set yourself up to be a winning applicant. Do you need help demonstrating these 5 qualities in your law school personal statement? Explore our Law School Admissions Services and we’ll pair you with an expert advisor who will ensure your application has what it takes to help you GET ACCEPTED. hbspt.cta.load(58291, '85d14327-0339-4ce7-a386-0936e1913d14'); Jessica Pishko graduated with a J.D. from Harvard Law School and received an M.F.A. from Columbia University. She spent two years guiding students through the medical school application process at Columbia’s Postbac Program and is a former Accepted admissions consultant. Want an admissions expert help you get accepted? Click here to get in touch! Related Resources: †¢Ã‚  The Law School Admissions Guide: 8 Tips for Success †¢ Why is It So Hard to Write Your Law School Personal Statement? †¢ Recipe for Disaster: Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Law School

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Teen Court Programs Should Be Established - 1034 Words

â€Å"It helped me realize I was not around the right crowd and got me on the right path for my future,† states Emmalyne Sheridan, a current WVU freshman and experiencer of the teen court process. Teen courts are legally binding, sentence based courts for first time low-level juvenile offenders that aim to build character instead of issuing punishments. These courts consist of juveniles holding positions such as clerk, prosecuting and defence attorneys, bailiff, and the jury. The entire process is completed with little adult involvement resulting in an almost completely teen run system. Some may argue that these programs are useless and just delay the process of actual teen reformation, but this is not the case. Teen court programs should be established and utilized in all jurisdictions because of their use of reform over punishment, influence, and establishment of a future pathway. Teen Court’s successes first derive from the aspect of using sentencing as a way of pers onal reform instead of just by punishment. This gives the program the ability to have a greater impact on these first-time offenders because they are given the opportunity to think about their actions and correct their wrongdoings. First-time offenders, teens who do not have a juvenile record, are typically kids who get involved with the wrong crowd and commit crimes such as underage drinking or shoplifting. These special court cases are not a determination of innocence or guilt, but a way of determining theShow MoreRelatedAccording To T. Williams At Https://Www.Nytimes.Com/2016/12/29/Us/Us-Prison-Population.Html?_R=0,1236 Words   |  5 Pagesadult crimes seem to be decreasing. The opposite can be said about juvenile related crimes which seem to be increasing. In this paper, I will be providing my reasons as to why I believe juvenile related crimes are going up, as well as talk about two programs that are working to keep at risk youth out of the criminal justice system. To start with I will be providing my opinion as to why juvenile related crimes are increasing. I do believe that the number one cause of juvenile related crimes is due toRead MoreEssay on Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults1503 Words   |  7 PagesHolden 5 Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults? Juveniles deserve to be tried the same as adults when they commit certain crimes. The justice systems of America are becoming completely unjust and easy to break through. Juvenile courts haven’t always been known to the everyday person. The Illinois Juvenile Court Act of 1899 was the first juvenile court established in the United States (Locked Up†¦). The juvenile court was created to handle the offenders on the basis on their rather than their crimeRead MoreThree Ways Police and Probation Officers can Reduce Gang Violence1334 Words   |  6 Pageslower gang violence is by implementing laws more accordingly, establishing a relationship with troubled youth, and creating programs that benefit their well-being. The root of gang violence all begins at home and then spreads. A troubled teen may be lacking the love and attention from their parent whether it is because they work too much, or simply do not care. Then, the teen will result attending school and will begin to find that comfort in places that they can feel stability. According to RamseyRead MoreSharing Is Not Always Caring1406 Words   |  6 PagesTweeting, texting, Instagram-ing and publishing life’s â€Å"fails† and funnies are the teen social norm and staple to the lines of communication between other teens. Creativity is put to the test when language is turned into code (wyd, rotflmbo, ie.) and electronic communication between people sitting across the table from each other becomes a matter of national security. A peaceful co-existence between adults and teens continues as long as â€Å"actual† communication between both parties is kept to a minimumRead MoreCultural Change Of The Vietnam War1387 Words   |  6 PagesAs America was fighting a war for freedom in another country, unruly teens were fighting their own at home. Cultural change, the explosion of free love, youthful rebellion, and a new liberal mindset all seemed to have one underlying device in common; drug use. The late 1960’s into the early and mid-70’s found the perfect environment for recreational drug use. Music and arts celebrated this lifestyle, as well as free thinkers and their idiotic philosophies about spiritual elation through mind alteringRead MoreThe Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Of Act1184 Words   |  5 Pagesleaving her homeless once again. Living on the streets was hard and as a young teen she was often the target by older men. It was not until she got into a car accident after running away from a potential kidnapping that Apple finally got the help and support she needed from the hospital priest. This priest quickly became a blessing to her and got her in contact with a shelter that dealt strictly with pregnant teens. Soon after moving into this shelter, Apple finally got the ‘family’ she had alwaysRead MoreChildhood Obesity : The United States For Children1263 Words   |  6 Pagesthrough eighth grade student should be engaged in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily† (Recess and Physical Activity). In spite of being clearly stated in policy and described in detail, many of the school-age children in North Carolina are still suffering from poor health. Based on the above information and recent research, the North Carolina State Board of Education needs to revise th eir policy on physical education. The new policy should state that school-age childrenRead MoreThe Most Common Juvenile Crimes Essay2062 Words   |  9 Pagesetc. Juvenile delinquents are kids or teens from the ages of ten to seventeen who commit a crime. Teen crime has actually decreased by more than half from where it was ten years ago. Juvenile delinquents are not much of a problem as they were ten years ago. People who support the juvenile court system argue that juveniles should be sentenced on how severe the crime was; however, child advocates argue that juveniles should be given treatment. Therefore should children under the age of seventeen beRead MoreRaising The Age1517 Words   |  7 Pageshistory, there were very little made to distinguish criminal responsibility of children versus that of adults. During this time, juveniles, some young as seven years old could be tried and prosecuted within an adult criminal court. Children would have to stand for trial in court base d on the offenses they committed, and could then be sentenced to prison and sometimes possibly even capital punishment. Is this form of justice beneficial to minors, or does it just obstruct their futures? Children, asRead MoreThe City Of Arlington And The Boys And Girls Club Essay1827 Words   |  8 PagesGirls Club of Arlington established the Arlington Teen Court. It works in conjunction with the Arlington Municipal Court and is considered a specialized court for youth. The program was designed to prevent teens between the ages of 14 to 18, from developing a pattern of committing crimes. It aimed to reduce teen offenses, allow teens to be held accountable for their actions, and to educate teens on the justice system. The City of Arlington Teen Court program offers first time teen-offenders who commit

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File Sharing Essay - 1278 Words

Author?s Note: This was originally an informative speech and was some portions were edited for time purposes, so some modifications may be required.If you?re using this as a speech, it will be around eight minutes long. Word Count: 1,054 Introduction Most people have an idea of what file sharing is, but they?re not exactly sure why it?s such a big deal. Some of them may even be aware of the fact that file sharing is punishable by law and carries a fine of up to and including $20,000. Since the introduction of Napster in 1999, copyrighted music has been illegally duplicated more than eight trillion times. In recent weeks, the Recording Industry Association of America has filed more than three hundred lawsuits against American†¦show more content†¦By the end of the year, sales of records, CDs and mini discs had dropped an additional thirty-five percent. Sales of walkmans, stereo CD players and personal CD players decreased by three percent that year as well. On the other hand, sales of recordable CDs and MP3 players increased by a staggering one hundred sixty-nine percent in 1999, and the demand for these devices soon overwhelmed the supply. Why it?s a problem It may or may not be obvious why illegal file sharing is a problem. Millions of people see nothing wrong with downloading a song or two without paying for the download. It?s a problem because it causes the price of albums to increase considerably for non-file sharing consumers. The average music-loving American pays approximately from twenty-two dollars to thirty dollars for each album he or she purchases. This wasn?t the case in the years prior to Napster?s debut. The average American paid from eighteen to twenty dollars for each album, with the exceptions of anthologies and double-album sets. It creates a problem for the file sharing user. Most people have morals, or appear to, and constant stealing might compromise those morals, which ultimately leads to other forms of theft in some cases. It causes a problem for the music industry because 1) the record companies lose money behind slumping album sales 2) the ?people behind the scenes? at theShow MoreRelatedTypes of File Sharing166 4 Words   |  7 PagesTypes of file sharing Peer-to-peer file sharing Users can use software that connects in to a peer-to-peer network to search for shared files on the computers of other users (i.e. peers) connected to the network. Files of interest can then be downloaded directly from other users on the network. Typically, large files are broken down into smaller chunks, which may be obtained from multiple peers and then reassembled by the downloader. This is done while the peer is simultaneously uploading the chunksRead MoreThe Ethics Of File Sharing1378 Words   |  6 Pagesof File Sharing File sharing is the act of someone making a copy of a file and sending it to another person. The method of sharing includes Internet peer to peer transfers, but also includes physical CD copies, emails, and mobile storage devices. Companies are justified in focusing on physical CD sales and online peer to peer file sharing, as their sales have potential to cause harm. Loss of sales is indeed what is happening. Consumers need to be more aware of the risks of file sharing. File sharingRead MoreFile Sharing And The Internet1896 Words   |  8 PagesFile Sharing â€Å"I d like to propose another toast to you, the listener. It doesn t matter how you got this, you bought it, you downloaded it, and your grandma gave it to you.† (Jones). Chances are anybody who has ever used the internet has downloaded copyrighted material. Many people view downloading copyrighted material from the internet as stealing, but others see it as a distribution of human knowledge and information. File sharing, more formally known today as torrents, should be legal. Read MoreFile Sharing And The Internet2006 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction File sharing, or peer-to-peer software programs such as Limewire which uses protocol Gnutella, BitTorrent, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and programs that are Peer to Peer (P2P) such as KaZaA which uses the protocol FastTrack and others can allow sharing of copyrighted music, games, movies, software, and other files often without the knowledge or permission of the consumer. Peer-to-Peer programs usually share files by default, to permit the full amount of sharing across the web. Sharing this copyrightedRead More File Sharing Essay2581 Words   |  11 Pages FILE SHARING Ethical Debate with Today’s Technology (INTRO) You may have illegal content on your computer right now! File sharing has become a very large issue today in society even though it has existed for decades. It has been the recent advances in our technology that has made it main stream and in the eyes of the general public. File sharing today tests the limits of technology along with our ethics making it a fuzzy grey area. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When discussing file sharings effectRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Illegal File Sharing1571 Words   |  7 PagesBhattacharjee, S et al. (2006: 92) evidently reported the situation of illegal file sharing in 2003 and suggested the method to discard the problem that: In response to this â€Å"epidemic of illegal file sharing† (RIAA 2003a), on June 26, 2003, RIAA redirected legal threats toward individual subscribers of these networks who, in the past, enjoyed anonymity in P2P environments. Prior to RIAA’s recent legal efforts, individual file sharers were almost completely immune from legal liability when violating copyrightRead MoreFile Sharing And The Internet Piracy1468 Words   |  6 Pagespiracy or file sharing of copyrighted material has gained much popularity. It is a topic that has incessantly sparked debate and has even received global attention. Although on the surface the act of file sharing may seem harmless, it is far from it. Each year, film and record production companies as well as software and video game development companies suffer from billions of dollars in lost profits. This loss comes as a direct result of internet piracy. Many agree that file sharing is unethicalRead MoreBenefits Of The File Sharing Tech nology1870 Words   |  8 Pagescan see the concepts and significance of the technology, how the technology emerged, what is the internal process of technology, and classification of technology. For this term project I would like to talk about the file sharing technology. There are many advantages of the file sharing technology, when compare to the past years it provides many services like cloud and internet services that we can use in terms of our work, and make it easier for the studies. CONCEPT DEFINITION OF TECHNOLOGY:Read MoreThe Morality Of Peer And File Sharing1231 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this essay is to assess the morality of peer-to-peer file sharing. I will be addressing the ethics of downloading media that is difficult or expensive to obtain legally. It is my considered opinion that is morally acceptable to download files when media is extraordinarily difficult or expensive to explain legally. I will defend my position with an appeal to law and an appeal to consequences. In the United States, it is illegal to make or download copies of copyrightedRead More File Sharing on the Internet Essay1482 Words   |  6 PagesFile Sharing on the Internet When we think of pirates, we see scruffy men with unshaven chins, a bandana, a gold earing, a black patch on one eye, and a wooden leg, men with guns in hand, riding the seas in their wooden ship proudly flying the terrifying skull and crossbones. Well, pirates these days look much different. In fact, you may be sitting by one right now. They are ordinary people who have come to enjoy the technologies the Internet provides. These pirates are boys and girls, women

Creatine In Sport Essay Example For Students

Creatine In Sport Essay In todays society, a lot of emphasis is placed on how you look. Almosteverybody wants that perfect body. But with all the things peoplehave to do, not many are willing to put in the time to get it. So there must bean easy way to get it. Right? Not too long ago people were experimenting withanabolic steroids. They injected horse testosterone into their veins to increasethe amount of muscle mass produced from lifting. But after a while, someprofessional athletes and high profile people started showing the side effectsthat are associated with them. For example, Lyle Alzado, a popular star in theNFL, developed a brain tumor and died. This scared a lot of people and therecreational uses of steroids decreased. With the dangers of steroids well knownpeople started looking for other substances to give them an edge. Bee pollen,carnitine and chromium picolinate, were among the things people tried. Of coursenone of these worked. But now there is a product on the market that has beenproven to si gnificantly enhance athletic performance in the areas of power,strength, and muscle mass. This substance is Creatine Phosphate. ABOUT CREATINEWhen you exercise you obviously burn energy. There are many things involved inthis process. The energy that you burn is called Adenosine Triphosphate, ATP. This molecule has very high energy bonds between the phosphates and the rest ofthe molecule. Your body breaks these bonds releasing the energy for use andchanging the molecule to ADP (di-phosphate). Since the body has a relatively lowsupply of ATP, it needs to convert the ADP back into ATP. Creatine helps tospeed this process along. Creatine is an amino acid made in your liver andstored in your muscles. In the diet it is found in milk, steak, and some fish. Although scientists have known about it for about 160 years, studies on it havehave just started to be done. CREATINE SUPPLEMENTATION *Picture* After thepublication of test results in 1990, the area of creatine supplementation hasexploded. Now almost everyone knows what it is and someone who is using it. Aswas stated earlier, creatine helps speed up the process of converting ADP backinto ATP. So it is logical that if you increase the amount of creatine youshould increase the conversion rate. The daily requirement of creatine is abouttwo grams. Most of the creatine supplement products recommend taking ten timesthat amount for the first week or so to saturate your muscles, and five grams aday to maintain it. In most published studies the logic is correct; if youincrease dietary creatine you increase stored creatine. DOES IT WORK? With theincrease of stored creatine there should be an increase in conversion time. Inmost of the studies that I have seen this is true. There is also a relat ionshipbetween the amount of hydration in a muscle cell and the amount of work it cando. Creatine makes the cell retain water and therefore should increase theamount of work individual cells can do. But this is not all that it does. Inmany studies, along with increased recovery time, creatine showed to increasemuscle mass, explosive power and strength. In one study groups of athletes puton five to seven pounds of lean muscle mass in a month. These results were farbetter than athletes receiving a placebo in the same study. Some critics statethat the increase in muscle mass is mostly water, but there are studies that saythere is an increase in the size of Type II muscle fibers. With the increase inmass there should be an increase in power. In the same study the athletes saw athirty percent increase in bench-press. With an increase in strength andrecovery time there is an increase in overall explosive power. IS IT FOR ME?Although creatine supplementation has shown results in particular areas, itdoesnt help everyone. The supplements are pretty expensive and with therecommended dosage, they go pretty fast. If you are not serious about trainingor are a weekend warrior you may see results but you will pay for them. But ifyou are seriously into bodybuilding, creatine will help you see gains. Also,athletes that perform short burst sprints with little recovery time will benefitfrom creatine. Basketball and football players in particular. But if you are anendurance athlete such as a marathoner or a sprinter there are studies that showthat creatine supplementation may slow you down. Some think it is from theweight gained. There are also people who are immune to its effects. They areofficially called nonresponders. These people are studied little andit is not known why they are immune or who these people are. IS IT SAFE? Sincestudies on creatine loading have only been going on for less than a decade, itis still unknown what long term effects the extra creatine will have. S omeresearchers fear that, with the amount of extra creatine contrived through thediet, the body might stop producing it. The only way we will find out thenegative effects of long term use is time. The sales of creatine supplements arevery strong, so a lot of people are using it. After a decade goes by we mightfind out the hard way that it is dangerous.

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Therapeutic interventions Essay Example

Therapeutic interventions Essay Definition Therapeutic Interventions encompass not Just the nursing profession but each nurse as an Individual. Whether realized or not, every Intervention a nurse Implements Is therapeutic. Sometimes these Interventions can have a good or bad effect. Through research and continuing knowledge, a nurse can learn or Improve these Interventions so that the highest quality of care Is given to each and every patient. Therapeutic interventions can be defined as actions or behaviors involving clients that is scientifically evidence-based and caring to assist patients in meeting his or ere needs and accomplishing optimal outcomes (PAN handbook). Through therapeutic communication, a nurse can set the tone for a safe and caring environment. Beginning a trusting relationship will provide the patient with comfort, allowing them to heal and to feel free to express his or her feelings. For example, deprivation of meaningful relationships and colonization have detrimental effects on the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of older clients. Having a trusting relationship with nurses, alleviates feelings of loneliness and helplessness (Brownie, S. , Horsemanship, L. 2012). Implementing safe and accurate care that Is evidence-based Is an Important therapeutic intervention. The five steps of implementation are imperative to avoid unwanted errors from occurring to patients. The five steps include asking a question, finding the best evidence, evaluation of the evidence, applying the information with experience and patient values, and evaluation of outcomes. These five steps always surround the patients values and beliefs. It is also important for the nurse to collaborate with fellow coworkers when help is needed. Sometimes other nurses ay have an answer that could solve a current problem (Johnson, 2008). To provide optimal care to patients, nurses must be aware of cultural diversity. We will write a custom essay sample on Therapeutic interventions specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Therapeutic interventions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Therapeutic interventions specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Every culture has their own values and beliefs, Including the care that each culturally diverse patient receives. For example, a female Arabic client will not make eye contact or speak with male nurses or physicians. This Is not the clients way of being rude, it is her cultural beliefs and the nurse must be aware of this. It is crucial for the nurse to be aware of these cultural differences before providing care so care is not affected (Taylor, C.. Allis, C. , Lemon, P. , Lynn, P.. 2011). It is important to prioritize care based on the patients needs. For example, a postoperative patient needs care of an incision. The nurse knows that care of this incision and pain control are top priority. When the patient starts to have trouble breathing and goes into respiratory distress, the nurse needs to be aware that difficulty breathing takes higher priority over an incision. Support Is a crucial therapeutic intervention. When It comes to end of life decisions, families Like to be Involved. The nurse should physically and mentally purport the family, as well as the patient, through this difficult time. After the death of a patient, the nurse could ask the family If they would Like to spend time with the patient to assist them in coping. The nurse could also ask the family if they would therapeutic and/or as a way to care for a loved one, one last time (Assignations, D. D. , 2013). There are many types of therapeutic interventions. Pharmacological interventions involve the use of medications to prevent and/or treat disease and relieve pain. It is important to monitor peak and trough levels of medications administered. This is to verify that all medications are therapeutic and not causing damage or harm to the body (Lilly, L. L. , Collins, S. R. , 2014). Non-pharmacological interventions include music therapy, exercise, art, and dance. These interventions are also referred to as psychosocial interventions. These therapies are used to improve self-esteem and self-achievement, as well as, an alternative method of relieving pain without the use of medications. On occasion, these interventions have helped patients to talk about repressed feelings they may be experiencing (Hayes, N. , 2003). A nurse could use hermeneutic touch (healing touch) as an intervention. A massage is a great way to rebalanced the patients energy field or relieve pain without pharmacological intervention. A healing touch positively affects the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally (Lilly, L. L. , Collins, S. R. , 2014). This author defines therapeutic interventions as a way to help heal in a manner that is patient-centered. Helping a patient to heal does not always mean medical interventions. Sometimes, it is being a support person for a patient to express their feelings or an advocate when the patient cant speak. Therapeutic interventions involve helping the patient whether it is though administering medications or giving a massage. In Conclusion, therapeutic interventions are an important aspect of the nursing profession. It involves more than Just administering medications to help a patient heal. Helping the patient to self-actualization, love and belonging, and self-esteem are a huge step in the healing process. A depressed patient may take longer to heal, where as a patient who is content and happy will heal faster. It should be a priority of the nurse to make sure that each and every patient receives optimal therapeutic are. Explanation For this explanation, I chose my presentation on encyclopedias. Encyclopedias are a classification of drugs that have their own specific way of killing bacteria that cause infection, more specifically gram negative bacteria. Encyclopedias are a form of a therapeutic intervention and can be used in combination with non-pharmacological interventions. These interventions might include music therapy, acupuncture, deep massage, etc Encyclopedias are an important therapeutic intervention. Patients may have a serious infection that requires an antibiotic. Through the administration of this class of medication, the patient is able to begin the healing process from their infection. In addition to this broad intervention, there are several non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions that can be used along with encyclopedias treatment. A massage would be great for patients experiencing muscle cramps caused by the reduction of potassium in the body or for pain experienced from an infection. Another intervention could be acupuncture. Acupuncture is an intervention that allows body mind to relax and heal. It has been useful for treating nausea, vomiting, main and ailment. Through distraction a patient can take their mind off of the things that are bothering them. Increasing fluids is also an important therapeutic intervention with the administration of encyclopedias. Through increasing fluids the body can reheated itself. Encyclopedias are known to cause problems with the kidneys and by advising the patient to increase their fluid intake, the body can maintain hydration and allow for proper kidney function. Without proper kidney function, the body is unable to remove the medication itself; therefore, potentially causing toxicity and harm to the body. In conclusion, encyclopedias are an important therapeutic intervention. Without the use of antibiotics patients could become seriously ill with infection or face the possibility of death. While this antibiotic drug class is a therapeutic intervention towards the treatment of infection, there are additional therapeutic interventions that must be followed to keep patients from unwanted and adverse effects. Through my research, as a future nurse, I am able to provide the proper education about encyclopedias and to implement the proper interventions needed to make this therapy a success.